Are You Having Difficultly Pushing Deals Forward?

Then Discover Proven Strategies to Overcome Objections and Drive More Sales with Closure Bound Engagements

7th December 2022 by Bunmi Jembola

In a zoom training with our Business Growth consulting team I shared some truths about following up. I believe it would help you.

Have you heard it said before: I will get back to you? It means nothing, absolutely nothing, trust me!

What makes following up very difficult? People hardly tell you what is ACTUALLY in their minds. Following up is even more particularly difficult when you are selling to organizations where you are dealing with multiple decision makers.

One thing is critical if you really want to sell successfully; getting people to always tell you the WHOLE truth. Getting people to tell you the why, where, when and how, not just giving some surface level response.

It sounds pretty mundane right?

That is probably because 90% of your prospects have been telling you half truths. When people say to you “We will review it and update you” It means nothing. When people say “We will get back to you” it means nothing. When people say “Management is yet to reach a decision” it means nothing.

You see , when people cannot get to tell you exactly all that is in their mind you stand no chance at selling.

When anyone says “Management is reviewing it” I ask “Is Management reviewing the price, our capacity or another possible option? How long will Management’s review take?” Then I add “Please be free enough to tell me as it is” It works like magic.

Do you feel that your customers often have all the power in most negotiations?

Then you need this Overcoming & Handling Difficult Sales Objections Course. This is the single solution to handle all objections with the confidence of closing the sale.

In this course, instructor Bunmi Jembola digs into most objections that crop up throughout the sales process, explains how to prepare for them, and shares super effective strategies to handle price to product objective.

Upon completing this course, you’ll be better equipped to tackle this critical aspect of the sales process.


Just applying a few principles taught by Bunmi on complex selling, I was able to close a business opportunity that has lingered for so long. Bunmi's approach gets you results
Tereigh Ozakpo
Business Development Mgr, CWG PLC
I'm awed right now, a week after taking Mr Bunmi's course, I was able to close a N20million sales deal. Now I am awaiting my promotion
Omolola Odebunmi
Sales Executive, Kartel Energy
Bunmi Jembola is a consummate sales coach with a grounded understanding on how to improve performance in frontline sales
Adekunle Adebiyi
Group Executive, Sales And Distribution, MTN Nigeria